List of products by brand Design House Stockolm

Scandinavian design publishing house, founded in 1992

Design House Stockholm works with established and unknown designers. The goal is the development of great products. When we first met Harri Koskinen, he was still an unknown student in Helsinki, but he had an amazing idea. An idea that would have generated a worldwide success: the block lamp.

What is meant by Scandinavian design? According to Anders Färdig, founder of the Design Stockholm House, the answer should be drawn from philosophical and aesthetic bases, linked to the geography and national character of these Nordic countries. The product range of this brand ranges from fashion items to chandeliers and tableware; all also available in limited editions. Design Stockholm House, a collective of Scandinavian designers, achieved worldwide success in 1997, thanks to a collection that includes objects such as the Block Lamp, conceived by designer Harri Koskinen, which is now part of the permanent collection of MoMA. Design Stockholm House boasts the search for forms that are always elegant and timeless, particular and with an inimitable character. Examples of this style are the Umbrella Holder or the Lava candle holder. With its 60 designers, Design Stockholm House is one of the best modern design companies.

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