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Innovative creations for the ever-changing society

Danese's activity began as an artisan workshop for the creation and sale of unique objects and artist's pieces but the significant meeting with Bruno Munari and Enzo Mari, two masters of Italian design marks an opening to industrial production: this is how a new collection of objects no longer exclusively aimed at an elite market. Danese becomes a real experimental laboratory open for the conception and production of projects that address and respond to the multiple themes relating to human life at home and in the workplace, in play and reading, in the art of communication.

In the Haus269 selection you can find products designed by Enzo Mari and Bruno Munari.

Bruno Munari is one of the most important Italian architects, artists and designers of the 20th century. Born in Milan in 1907, he began his artistic activity in the Futurist movement at a very young age. He dedicates himself to painting, graphics, cinematography, poetry and writing. His entire activity is characterized by a pedagogical purpose, due to his passionate interest in the development of children's creativity through play. In the last years of his life he increasingly focused on the problem of visual and artistic education, organizing and participating in courses, seminars and animations for children, teachers and adults. His creations have still lived today for over half a century in the collections of Danese Milano. He created the Canarie and Mallorca desk sets, as well as the iconic Cubo ashtray.

Enzo Mari was a master of Italian design. Novara 1932 - Milan 2020. He has always lived in Milan where he trained as an artist. His work ranges from design to painting, from graphics to exhibition design. He was a teacher and political activist. His contribution based on a dry poetics of forms and a coherent use of materials is considered fundamental for the history and development of Italian design in the world. The partnership with Danese Milano coincides with the development of the company thanks to which it has experimented with techniques, created installations, sculptures and products that have become milestones. He created the Formosa perpetual calendar and the Timor perpetual calendar.

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